Are you about to sell your house but you don’t

know what to do? We can help you sell your house. 

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have resources

to prepare your home for sale fast! . Just ask us how

we can help, we are here for you.

Selling your house can be exciting, but it can also be stressful without proper direction. Figure out your realistic timeline and create a solution that works for you. 


Need to move quick? Need at least three months to find a new place ( we can help you do that too)? Is the house damaged? Work with us to meet your needs.


The purchase of a home is typically one of the largest decisions a person will make. It is exciting, and can be overwhelming. We take the stress out of home buying. Over 30 years of combined experience, makes the At Home Real Estate office one you can trust.

Not all real estate agents are created equally. You come first when you partner with At Home Real Estate. You can count on us to give you honest, feedback. We want you to be comfortable from start to finish. It is our goal to provide you with amazing service and be the number one real estate company you can count on.

Our Services and how we can help YOU!

House Listing

We will arrange and prepare for your home to be sold (Includes exterior cleaning)

Buying a House

Do you want to tour some houses? We can take you through and help you write an offer

Land Contracts

Not ready for a traditional mortgage? We can help you write a land contract while you build credit.

Professional Photos

Let the beauty of your home be seen through expert photographers. Included in each listing.

Exterior Cleaning

Soap and bleach will be applied to the house. This will refresh the surface and have your home ready for listing.

Restrictions Apply

Exterior wash may be limited to siding and vertical surfaces. Extras ( roof, concrete, etc) will be billed at a discounted rate

Pick the team that adds value to your home before it hits the market. Let's leave a strong first impression

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